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Primary Programs

Conservation and Research Programs

When you donate to Zoo Miami’s conservation initiatives, 100% of your contribution will go to the program of your choice, or at your option, to our general fund.

Click on the titles below to explore each of our programs.

Conservation and research logo

A profile view of a Florida bonneted bat

Our Endangered Neighbor: Florida Bonneted Bat

Florida International University student interns Danny and Brianna doing habitat assessment surveys in the pine rocklands

Research Experience for Undergrads Program

Juvenile American flamingo "Conchy" that was rehabilitated at Zoo Miami

Flamingos: Florida's Forgotten Wading Bird

A federally endangered Bartram's hairstreak butterfly

The Imperiled Butterflies of South Florida

A gopher tortoise coming out of a burrow

Gopher Tortoise Ecology in the Pine Rocklands

Miami Tiger Beetle Ecology

An African rock python on the left and a Burmese python on the right to visually compare the two invasive python species in Florida

Invasive Species in Florida

A harpy eagle calling with its wings spread outward

Harpy Eagle Project

Dr. Frank Ridgley using a stethoscope to listen to a sedated Florida panther's heart while doing an exam in the wild.

Florida Panther Recovery Program

An elevated view of the pine rockland habitat

Pine Rockland Restoration

Contractors cutting down invasive tree species along a lake at Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami Lake Enhancement Program


A Costa Rican frog having its skin sampled for the chytrid fungus with a cotton tipped swabReversing Tropical Amphibian Decline


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