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Zoo To You!

Our Zoo to You programs offer a variety of wild themes designed for all age groups.

Your classroom, camp, or community group will learn about wildlife, nature, and conservation through an interactive STEAM experience with our knowledgeable Zoo educators. We even have plenty of virtual programs that are sure to excite your group, no matter how far!

Special programming is available on request for our home-school groups or private events. Contact us to see if our special programs are right for you.


Zoo to You is sponsored by Mercedes-Benz of Cutler Bay and Mercedes-Benz of Coral Gables who granted Zoo Miami Foundation $30,000 for the lease of an educational outreach Mercedes-Benz Metris van. The custom-wrapped van assists in delivering the Zoo to You education outreach program to the school community in the tri-county area.

Zoo to You van at Zoo Miami

Choose Your Outreach Adventure

Choose Your Outreach Adventure

Offering versatility with both in-person and virtual outreach, join us for an outreach program that best accommodates your classroom, camp, or community group.  Our outreach program lets you choose your own learning adventure with five different themes that have all matter of presentations to suit any on your interests.

In-Person Outreaches: $250

Virtual Outreaches: $130

Have a specific animal you want to learn about that isn’t currently available? For an additional cost, we will custom make a presentation to cover your interested material!

Available Topics:

Sensational Senses

Let’s explore the 5 senses! Did you know that predator and prey have different eye positions? There is so much to discover in the sensory world. You can sense this will be a fun and engaging way to explore senses with your students!

Creature Feature

Animals at Zoo Miami have wild and fascinating stories they’d love to share with you. Learn about the special lives of animals like Ongard the Asian Elephant, Conchy the Flamingo, and more in this interactive lesson.

Astonishing Adaptations

The world is filled with wacky animals and their unbelievable abilities. Some shoot bubbles as hot as the surface of the sun while others release smells through their feet! Learn about all the different types of adaptations and how you can find them in animals everywhere.

Species Profile

Do you have a favorite animal you’d love to know more about? Take the time to learn about a species of your choice in this scientific breakdown and interactive lesson. Take in all the wonderful fun facts and learn how you can help conserve these animals for generations to come.

Science of Life

Learn about the more intricate topics of life in these interactive lessons. These presentations cover a wide range of topics from ecosystems to life cycles to conservation research and more!

Free Education Program Applications

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! powered by PNC Grow Up Great 

Age Group: 4-5 years of age

Organization Requirement:  Title 1 school or organization focused on low-income communities

Application Closed For  The Season

This 30-minute interactive program will grow children’s understanding of the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling.  Children will play a game learning how to and what gets recycled as well as experience a special recorded animal encounter with one of Zoo Miami’s animal ambassadors using an enrichment made of recycled materials!  

**Limited number of programs awarded so not all schools/organizations can be selected.

Check out for free early education tips and resources!


Animals Live! - Currently Unavailable

Animals Live! 

Educational animal presentations where our trained Educators bring 5 animal ambassadors for close-up encounters focusing on one of the topics below.  Programs are 45 minutes in length for up to 60 participating individuals for $250.  May request mulitiple sessions at $100 for each additional session.

Contact Zoo Miami Foundation at or 305-255-5551 to ask questions or book a program.

Programs may vary depending on ambassador animal availability. Please allow 3 weeks advance notice to book and note that additional travel fees may apply. Additional travel fees apply to locations more than 20 miles from the zoo.

Creature Feature

Why do animals vary in shapes, colors, and sizes? Explore how animals are built to survive in harsh environmental conditions through their unique adaptations.

Recommended age group: All ages

Sensational Senses

Learn how animals detect the world around them as they seek to find food, water, and shelter?  This interactive program will reinforce the five senses children are discovering as they grow.

Recommended age group: Kindergarten – 5th grade

Project-Based Learning - Currently Unavailable

Project-Based Learning 

These programs are designed for participants to tackle a real world problems and observe the result of the proposed solution. Programs are 45 minutes in length for up to 60 participating individuals for $250.  May request mulitiple sessions at $100 for each additional session.

Contact Zoo Miami Foundation at or 305-255-5551 to ask questions or book a program.

Please allow 3 weeks advance notice and note that additional travel fees may apply.  Additional travel fees apply to locations more than 20 miles from the zoo.

Enriching Science

Enrichment is a part of daily animal healthcare at Zoo Miami.  It brings out an animal’s natural behaviors through physical and mental exercises, such as bears having to roll a barrel to get the food out to forage.  In this program, create an enrichment for one of Zoo Miami’s animal ambassadors under the guidance of one of our Educators.  A video recording will be sent to you that will allow your students to analyze if the enrichment was a success.  Great project if you are teaching the scientific method!

Recommended age group: 4th-12 grade

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