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Lowland Tapir Conservation Initiative (LTCI)

Lowland Tapir Conservation Initiative



The Lowland Tapir Conservation Initiative (LTCI) is a long-term research program in Brazil that conducts field research in all of the different habitats where Lowland Tapirs are found. The team of researchers is led by Brazilian and Whitley Award winning conservationist, Dr. Patrícia Medici.

Their goal is to have habitat specific action plans developed and implemented across the country. Lowland Tapir serve as an umbrella species for each biome that they inhabit and the conservation measures implemented for them benefits the entire habitat and other species that reside there. 

To achieve their program goals, the team for LTCI conducts awareness campaigns, builds in-country capacity by training future conservationists, conducts scientific research, monitors tapir populations, and educate the public through outreach and programs. 

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