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International Rhino Foundation

International Rhino Foundation


Zoo Miami supports the International Rhino Foundation on their mission to ensure the survival of rhino species. For all five of the existing rhino species in the world, IRF's highest priorities are supporting anti-poaching activities, monitor and manage wild populations, and work with local communities.




IRF supports Greater One-Horned Rhino Conservation in India and Nepal

IRF has long supported Greater One-Horned Rhino conservation in India and Nepal. IRF supports GOH rhinos in Nepal's Chitwan National Park, home to 700 rhinos - the second largest population after Kaziranga National Park in Assam, India. IRF has also partnered with Orang National Park's forestry officials to increase anti-poaching and monitoring efforts. Orang's rhino population has increased to 101 individuals, as poaching has halted over the past three years and habitat management has improved wetland habitats for the rhinos.




Protecting Sumatran Rhinos

IRF has long supported Sumatran Rhino conservation in Indonesia. IRF helped develop captive breeding facilities at the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary (SRS), which aims to produce animals for release into the wild. IRF has supported the creation of two other sanctuaries, and IRF's support allows rangers to conduct patrol missions around the park, recording signs of poaching activity, destroying snares and traps, and monitoring signs of rhino activity.




Black Rhinos return to Gonarezhou National Park in Zimbabwe

IRF worked with partners to help translocate Black Rhinos to Gonarezhou National Park in Zimbabwe, 30 years after the population was decimated by hunting. IRF helped translocate 29 rhinos to help re-establish the population. IRF supported a feasibility study and provided funding to support the translocations.


Assisted Reproductive Technology with Northern White Rhinos

Northern White Rhinos have been extinct in the wild since 2018, and only two living females survive in a sanctuary in Kenya. IRF has supported Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) to help the species recover. Oocytes have been harvested and frozen from the surviving females, and semen has been harvested and preserved from deceased males. Scientists supported by IRF are working to develop new technologies to help new Northern White Rhinos be born through these reproductive technique.


Mitigating poaching

Poaching is a major threat to all rhino species. IRF trains rangers to prevent poaching in Africa and Asia, and monitors poaching impacts to rhinos worldwide. Further, IRF works to reduce demand for rhino horn in China and Vietnam, by strategic messaging to dismantle the value of rhino horn in traditional medicine or as a status symbol.



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